Mästerverk Masterverk

Mästerverk [gallery/printlab/office]
S. Tullgatan 3
Malmø — Sweden



A true masterpiece — ett mästerverk!

Mästerverk presents fine art prints, in super limited editions, from emerging Scandinavian artists. Exclusive, yet affordable. Signed, numbered and carefully delivered. Based in Malmö, Sweden – shipping world wide.

Contact. Please get in touch if you have any questions, suggestions or need more information! hello@masterverk.se

The Masterpieces. Nothing less than premium quality is good enough. Using the finest paper, by the artist’s own standards and preferences — we produce museum quality giclée prints. All artworks are numbered and signed by the artist. All artworks are available via Mästerverk exclusively.

The Name. Our name is Swedish for 'masterpiece'. Why? To us, the creations we represent are true masterpieces. And Mästerverk rhymes with Kraftwerk (ish).

Curated and run by Kalle & Kristian

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