HELLO! We are Mästerverk — Kristian and Kalle. Since 2017 we’ve been curating Scandinavian art for a new generation of art collectors, including ourselves. Mästerverk was created simply because we wanted great and exclusive art for our own homes. We are now proud to be shipping Scandinavian fine art prints to collectors in almost every corner of the world. 

Our editions are small, strictly limited and made exclusively for Mästerverk. When an edition is sold out, it is really sold out and never coming back. Using the finest paper, by the artist’s own standards and preferences, we produce museum quality giclée prints. All artworks are numbered, examined and signed by the artist and a beautiful Certificate of Authenticity card is included in all orders.

Since early 2018 we have been inviting a very few and special international artists (based outside of Scandinavia), just being to good to ignore. We call the programme Mästerverk Invitational.

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